Adopting Agile Methodology

Adopting Agile Methodology

How organizations adopt agile methodology? First inclination might be to break up the component teams and create cross-functional feature teams. Each team would have some number of front end developers, middleware developers, firmware developers, and hardware department. The general idea is that any one of these cross functional feature teams would be able to write software for any part of the overall system. Everyone can become a specializing generalist.

It can be implemented with cross functional feature teams the main idea is to focus on building an increment of working software. To be agile it’s always better to build teams that can stay longer to perform at the highest level to maintain customer satisfaction. By organizing teams to be more robust and evaluating organization values which includes forming and performing at their best with proper planning and predictability. All the company has common desires which should match Predictability, High quality products, Shorter time to market and lower costs and build strong agile foundation.

In today’s world where technology is growing, by implementing agile methodology organizations can accelerate the delivery of initial business value and through continuous planning and feedbacks the chances of maximizing the development process is continuous. As a result agile methodology is greatly valued and with these iterative planning teams is able to continuously align the delivered software with desired business needs. It is undeniable that agile methodology has a clear visibility into the actual progress of the project and resolves the issues much faster than the traditional approach.

Agile development principles are different. In agile development, change is accepted. In fact, it’s expected. Because the one thing that’s certain in life is change. Instead the timescale is fixed and requirements emerge and evolve as the product is developed. Of course for this to work, it’s imperative to have an actively involved stakeholder who understands this concept and makes the necessary trade-off decisions, trading existing scope for new. Agile methodology has instant solutions for issues; Teams discuss what’s right for the project and product and empowered to make decisions. Due to high visibility of the product and progress there can be flexibility to change when change is needed, create much better business engagement and customer satisfaction. Agile is an important benefit that can create much more positive and enduring working relationships.

So answering to the question of adopting agile methodology the most effective agile strategy will be to organize agile team. Create an enterprise backlog of value features that get breakdown into user stories and distributed across teams. Through the use of capability analysis and modeling, the portfolio team can gain visibility on where in the organization the entire team structure needs to focus its energy to compete and win in the marketplace