What is Bitcoin and How Does Bitcoin Work?

What is Bitcoin and How Does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin – A Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a worldwide recognized payment system for trading digitally. It is an electronic currency with many benefits. As a decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin operates between users and the transactions take place directly. Bitcoin uses the method of cryptography for all its transactions and recorded in a secure blockchain that maintains transparency in all its transactions as they are verified by network nodes.

BitPay or CoinBase provide the service of Bitcoin. It converts the immediate local currency on behalf of the owner or the merchant. Bitcoin transfers the money to the owner’s bank account and charges a nominal fee instead for the service provided to the merchant.

While Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies seem to draw the interest of ambitious investors, it is worth noting that in March 2014, Bitcoin suffered a major setback in volatility as people who used Bitcoin kept other currency methods as their principal currency methods. Nevertheless, Bitcoin is becoming a very popular digital asset as well as being recognized as a global digital currency.

As an Investment Partner

Many companies and merchants have used Bitcoin to protect their savings whenever there is high inflation or if there is even the slightest chance of the government to confiscate the savings. Bitcoin helps in protecting their accounts from getting confiscated or taxed. There are more than 9,000 Bitcoin wallets all over the world.

As a Venture Capital

Venture capitalists approach Bitcoin in a completely different manner. They do not buy the Bitcoins but provide payment systems to other companies, merchants, and other wallet services. They increase their company’s business by Bitcoin Mining.

Many Bitcoin companies are coming into the mining phase. The value of Bitcoins gradually increases day by day. Even in financial crisis, Bitcoin’s price began to rise. Current market trends seem to value Bitcoin seven times more than the value of gold.

Pyramid Schemes Concerns

Bitcoin profits increase gradually and the same was the case with the pyramid scheme. Inspire of all the speculations and the criticisms, it still emerged as a popular payment method and payment scheme. Some merchants have even collected a huge amount of Bitcoins for its clients. Bitcoins have faced cycles of appreciation and speculation.

Many preventive measures have been prepared by the FBI to prepare an intelligence assessment. It protects Bitcoin to be used in purchasing goods through illegal ways. Many fictional novels and movies have also highlighted the concept of Bitcoins. Bitcoin has titled as a speculative bubble by many for various reasons while it is even redefined as a liquidity premium by many.


Bitcoin is user-friendly and easy to access. After installing the Bitcoin wallet on your phone or PC, you will create a Bitcoin address. You just need to share address with your friends to receive payments via Bitcoin address. It is simple to transfer values between one or two Bitcoin wallets.