Professional Services - Approach


We focus on delivering the right solutions to our business customers. Our team of software professionals are adept at partnering with others to understand the business domain and guide them to define requirements accurately. We enable our clients to visualize the solution through rapid prototyping, and by exposing the strengths and weaknesses of each solution option from both business and information technology perspectives. Our model ensures that we provide our clients with better quality results and low-cost but timely delivery of our solutions.


We adopt a hybrid methodology that leverages the best practices from both the traditional project delivery and agile methodologies. We apply a structured development framework that adheres to the industry’s best practices for project management and software development. Our staff practice the principles of DevOps through which operations and development engineers participate seamlessly together in the entire servicing process. We utilize consistent processes from the design all the way through to the development process and production support.

During the build cycle, we enable maximum flexibility to the delivery process that allows rapid adoption of requirement changes and meets the solution needs of our customers.

We follow the Continuous Integration (CI) development practice which requires our development staff to integrate the code into a shared repository frequently. The incremental build approach enables the validation of system in short cycles, allowing the build team to detect problems early in the build cycle.

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TCG offers full-cycle testing and quality assurance services for a broad range of applications. TCG’s quality assurance team applies a rigorous testing approach on all our projects to ensure that our deliverables meet the absolute quality standards.

Our team utilizes industry standard testing methodologies and procedures that comprehensively test various aspects of a software application during the different stages of its development. We offer exceptional value to our customers by proactively identifying opportunities for testing automation rendering and offering tremendous cost savings on subsequent testing efforts.

Our quality analysts are very proficient in all the standard testing types and practices. They generate industry standard metrics that provide utmost transparency to the testing efforts and quality of the applications systems.

Standard testing

  • Unit testing
  • System integration testing
  • User acceptance testing

Specialized testing

  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Security Testing


We provide post-implementation support services for monitoring of all solutions. We ensure that the system is stable and delivers the expected results as desired.

We partner with our business customers to develop operations procedures, such as system maintenance, scheduling system backups and recovery, disaster recovery plans and service level agreements.

We offer application support as part of our IT service packages that enable our clients to outsource their IT operations and achieve lower run costs that are below the industry benchmarks. We strive to simplify IT portfolios by applying lean principles, eliminating waste and proactively identifying opportunities that align technology roadmaps with the business needs.

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We empower our customers to be independent and self-reliant through our technology solutions. Our professional services model leverages industry best practices

Leverages best practices from both the traditional project delivery and agile methodologies

Flexible delivery approach to meet our business and industry needs

Structured framework based on project management and software development standards

Involve end users throughout the build and delivery of the system

Unparalleled project management support
Software Installation
Data migrations
Configuration changes
Testing services
User training and documentation
Helpdesk/Technical Support
Integration with legacy ERP systems